Reset Button

Its Interesting that when our PC's or TV's or any other piece of our technical equipment fails to perform at its best, what do we do ?

Well... after we have finished hitting it, our first resort is to press the reset button,

and this generally fixes most problems.

If only the human body had a reset button, when we get a back ache, knee pain, neck pain etc....wouldn't it be great just to press the Reset Button ?

Unfortunately it doesn't exist, however we can reset our bodies back to its Human Blueprint Design, which may alleviate most if not all our aches and pains, by the use of easy to do exercises we can bring our bodies back into alignment, which will allow all our load joints (Shoulders,hips,knee & ankles) to function correctly with full range of motion for which they were designed.

We were not designed to sit hunched over a desk or drive a car 24/7.

We are designed for motion, Nothing in our bodies will work without motion, just try lying in bed doing nothing for a week and see how you feel (Yuck !) for sure.

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