Hip Pain

A client with hip pain apprehensively came along for a Posture Alignment Assessment,in November 2014 (only a couple of months ago).

She said that she didn’t really want to have hip replacement surgery if it can be avoided, and that she was willing to give posture alignment therapy her best shot.

We also had a deadline, because our client was due to see her orthopaedic consultant in January 2015 and wanted the consultant to see that there were improvements to the function and movement of her hip joint.

So we didn’t waste any time and got her started on a bespoke corrective exercise program.

The Deadline was last week.

The Orthopaedic Consultant assessed the hip and concluded that she now has more range of motion and more function to her hip joint, looking puzzled he asked “what have you been doing to make this change” ?Our clients answer “ Posture alignment exercises”

The Orthopaedic Consultant response was ...“well keep doing them“

By doing her posture alignment corrective exercise program with dedication everyday, our client has made improvements to the function of her hip joint, she is not completely pain free yet, because we still have more work to do, but the future looks bright !

Take the responsibility for your own body and health, Just like this Client !

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