Technology is affecting our health

Do you sit at a desk with neck, back, wrist or knee pain?

Don't blame the chair or the height of your desk or the poor little mouse

Just take a look at the body you are taking to your work.

Stand up right now and take a good look in the mirror

what do you see?

A shoulder higher on one side than the other ?

a shoulder closer to the mirror than the other ?

How about your feet… are they pointed outwards at 10 to 2 ?

Do you stand with your feet wider than hip width apart ?

These are all good indications that your body is out of balance and alignment

With technology we have created tools such as computers, cars and gadgets that are slowly leading us to physical degeneration.

While an increase in physical activity combats the effects of cardiovascular disease, the same is true for the pain accompanying injuries resulting from office work. Pain is debilitating for your body and your psyche. Carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative disk disease, shoulder impingement, as well as a myriad of other aches and pains associated with office work can all be treated by introducing restorative motion.

We are living in a time when more work is being done while sitting, rather than standing and moving.

The machine we call a body was perfectly designed to cope with any and all types of motion.

The problem is when we stop moving… we lose mobility and the end result is the intrusion of pain.

It is up to you to return motion to your daily routine.

Take responsibility for your own health

and start a corrective exercise program today

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