Quasimodo Spotted in Coffee Shop

Yes !

You did read that correctly,

Quasimodo has been spotted in several well known coffee shops around the world , in fact the appearance of quasimodo has become an epidemic ! Quasimodo syndrome is now the norm for the human race, we are turning into hunchbacks" .... find out now if you have any symptoms !

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As you all know we are all about posture. Over the course of our lives, our posture is always changing and responding to the demands we put on ourselves.

As a society we tend to be sitting more than ever. This unfortunately results in more and more people looking like the old Hunchback from Notredame.

If you are sitting at a desk all day, chances are you are in a slumped position for long periods of the day.

If you always use the mouse with your right hand, quite often this will lead to rotation in your upper body or pelvis. This is then the position that your brain and muscles remember, and your brain and muscles will leave your body more and more in this position.

Hunchback Goodlooking

Both of these positions can lead to discomfort and eventually pain in your lower back, or elsewhere in the body

So what is the solution.

  1. Being aware of your sitting posture and correcting it when you start slouching.

  2. Move for 5-10 minutes every hour. Get away from the chair and go for a short walk.

  3. Alternate between right and left hand with the mouse.

  4. Do some exercises that pull you in the opposite direction of your normal sitting position.

Another example people of poor posture in a daily activity is when you empty the dishwasher. What most people do is bend at the spine to reach for plates and cutlery. Hello Quasimodo again

Hunchback Goodlooking

A third example is hoovering. What often happens here, is that the poor spine is once again bent forward instead of bending from the hips and keeping your spine long. Hello Quasimodo once again.

Hunchback Goodlooking

What you need to learn to do is bend from our hips keeping your poor spine in a long position in your daily activities.

If your body has lost the ability to bend from the hips , don't worry this is something that can be retrained.

The good news is that if your body has deviated from the original design and it is causing you pain, you have the power to change it yourself.

Start by taking our free Posture Test to get your body back towards its original design.

Which daily activity have you found yourself looking like Quasimodo ?

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Realign Your Joints, Relieve Your Pain, Improve Your health

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