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That is the impression that most people have when they see a beautifull woman in high heels. Most women love to wear these torture instruments, although it has major damaging effects on their posture and if worn daily their health as well.

Let me show you what happens.

Figure (a) is a good normal standing posture where the spine has 3 curves. Lumbar curve, thoracic and cervical.

In figure (b) the body is tilted forward by the heels. Now for the body to recreate balance where the ear is over the shoulder – shoulder over hips – hips over knees – knees over ankels you have to tilt your body back creating bigger arches, figure C, than the body is designed to have. This over time can lead to pain.

Another thing that will happen, is that your achilles tendon will become to short which affects the balance of the foot. This can have serious consequenses all the way up the chain of the body.

If your body is out of position your digestive system, respatory system, your metabolism etc will not function in the most optimal manner.

Try really rounding your spine, and feel how easy is it to breathe from there.

So what is the solution if you wear high heels and have back pain.

  1. Stop wearing high heels daily. Only wear them on special occasions.

  2. Use flat soled shoes with a wider toebox

  3. Realign you body back to its natural design with a corrective exercise programme

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