Is that really me !!!

This is what we often hear when we show our clients photo's of their posture.

I had a client in my clinic yesterday, and when I showed him photo's of his posture, he reacted like nearly all our clients do, his exact words. ” I did not realise my alignment was that far off "

This totally shifted his focus from his pain to being more focused on correcting all the misalignments in his posture.

You see, we focus on the position of the body, not the condition. If the body is out of postion, we must restore balance. THE BODY WORKS AS A UNIT, and MUST be treated this way.

What we hear on a daily basis, is that ”I have tried everything to get rid of this pain”

What most people have tried, is to make the symptom go away, instead of looking at the root cause of the problem.

Treating the symptom is often done by:

  • Ice

  • Heat

  • Therapy focusing on the problem area only

  • Rest

  • Surgery

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To be honest you have not tried everything. You may have changed what you used to do, such as your activities, new bed, standing desk, braces, shoes or surgeries, but often you have not gotten to the root cause.

What people realise when we do a postural analyses with them, is that all of a sudden the solution can be quite simple.

You have to get your body back to its original design.

In 9 out of 10 cases we can link the posture to the pain.

When we human beings experience pain, it is simply the body's way of telling us that something is out of balance. It is a very clever hi tech alarm system.

For example if you have neck pain, it might be the position of your pelvis which is the root cause.

This is why people are often amazed that squeezing their glutes can make their neck feel better. Or standing pigeon toed makes their shoulder pain go away.

Return your body back to proper alignment and you will eliminate your pain for good. It is very simple but it takes work on your part.

What you have to remember is that you did not get into this position overnight and you wont get out of it overnight.

We are not saying it wont be hard work, but we are saying it will be worth it.

We always get exited when we speak to new clients about Postural therapy. You to can get your life back.

You are designed to walk, jump, crawl, run, play golf, tennis or whatever gives your life pleasure.

So take charge of your own health. Remember only you can fix you .

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