Have you got a kink in the hosepipe

What is it like trying to wash your car or water the garden when you have a couple of kinks in the hosepipe ?

Yep thats right !

Very difficult and frustrating to say the least,

But imagine if that same hosepipe was your spinal colum and the spine was bend out of shape causing the kinks. This does not only cause wear and tear, disc herniation and many other problems over time, but more importantly it inhibits the flow of vital nutrients to the brain with a knock on effect throughout the whole body systems.

So, what is the best solution.

1. Turn the tap on more to increase the pressure in the hosepipe ?

(treat the symptom)

2. Straighten the hosepipe and eliminating the kinks ?

(treat the cause)

Obviously treating the cause is what everyone would agree on.

So, lets say you have back pain, the kink in your hosepipe could be that your ankles are pronated or that you have a disparity in your pelvis which is prohibiting correct function, this causes compensations in your body and does not allow it to do a proper job. So to fix it, this is where you would straighten the hosepipe in that case, and that is what we at Freeyourpain specialize in doing. We look at the body as a unit and treat it accordingly.

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