Those Were the Days

I hear this statement a lot and I am sure you have heard it too.

I was at a party the other day and heard quite a few former athletes pat each other on the back saying thing like...

"we should not run at our age,

It is dangerous for me to play football at my age,

I am too old for running,

I am too old to play football,

I am to old to go dancing, I cannot play golf any more, or my knee is worn out because of my age" These people were only 45-50 years of age.

Being a Posture Alignment Specialist and a Golf Pro, I often ask people in this situation,

1. What are you doing about the problem?

2. Would you not like to go back to the activity you love so much ?

Most people answered "I was told there was nothing that can be done, it's wear and tear and age related" or "I just live with it" and that they would love to go back and enjoy their former activity if it was possible.

So let's Say your left hip hurts.

If it is age related surely the right hip should hurt as well. Both left and right hips must have walked and run the same distance, played the same game of football, even danced the night away with a loved one.

So instead of just stating that the left hip is hurting and maybe more worn down than the right hip and accepting it, would it not be better to ask WHY. Why does the left hip hurt and not the right.

Could balance be the issue ?

Lets think about it for a second, if one side of our pelvis is elevated causing more pressure on the opposite side , wouldn't this cause wear and tear and produce more pain on one side of your hips than the other?

Acceptance is one of the biggest viruses and it is slowly and silently killing us.

What are your choices...

1. Do nothing, grow old and be miserable living in pain.

2. Pain management with drugs (not without side effects) causing more problems.

3. Surgery, No guarantee complete pain relief or improved motion.

4. Take responsibility for your own health and get back to enjoying life.

Realign Your Joints, Relieve Your Pain, Restore Your Health.

If this has got you thinking, we would love to hear from you,

Please comment or drop us a line, we are here to help.

Help us make Posture Alignment the first port of call, not the last resort.

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