Hamilton Quits Formula 1


Lewis Hamilton is going to announce a career change

" I'm taking up mountain climbing"

After discovering a misalignment to the chassis of his new formula one car in various track trails.

REALLY ? ...

NO WAY I hear you say,

Why not straighten the chassis and continue his fantastic successful career, that's the simple answer right ?

Yet this is exactly what a lot of people do.

We hear this time and time again from our clients,

I can't play tennis any more because it hurts my elbow or I can only play two holes at golf because it aggravates my back.

How can we compare a formula 1 car to the human body? That's easy, the car has a chassis, the human body has a skeleton, it's basis mechanics, straighten the chassis or skeleton and eliminate the problem or pain.

Its time to STOP ! blaming the activity or sport we enjoy for all of our aches and pains.

Aligning and Balancing our human chassis (skeleton) will alleviate most if not all aches and pains and help us live a functional happier active lifestyle !

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