Relieve Pain Without Medication

If you see a doctor for Anxiety, Panic attacks, Trauma, Eating disorders etc etc... there’s a very good chance they may offer you a prescription for medication.

Medication isn’t the only effective treatment.

One topic that is always prevalent is anxiety.

As a society we are more anxious than ever before, Millions of anxiety cases are diagnosed every year in the UK – making anxiety one of the most common mental illness. There are a number of treatments for anxiety, but if you consult a doctor for help, the chances are you’ll be given a prescription for medication such as an antidepressant or a beta-blocker.

As well as suggesting medications, your doctor should also provide you with information about alternative or complementary treatments, including mental health counselling.

However, not all doctors have an alternative health mindset.

Ironically, many clients who go down the medication route say that taking a pill every day makes them feel (psychologically and psychically ) like a sick person. Today we want treatments that promote preventative wellness instead of simply circumventing sickness.

Before you do take medication, research first

The decision about whether to take medication for anxiety is a highly personal one.

It’s wise to do your research and take responsibility for your own health.

Something you may want to consider is Havening Techniques

Here are some of the conditions that respond very well to Havening Techniques ...

  • Trauma

  • Phobias

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Panic Attacks

  • Chronic Pain

  • Eating Disorders

  • Distressing memories (Broken Relationships ,Shocking news,Loss, Embarrassment, Etc.)

  • Victims of natural disasters, (Hurricanes, Floods, etc)

and man-made (War, Fire Assault, Home intrusion, Etc.) Events.

  • Anger

  • Fear of Abandonment

  • Grief/Cravings

  • Emotional Eating .... and more.

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Balance Your Body and Mind, Relieve Your Pain, Restore Your Health.