Remove Your Past From Your Present

What if ...

You could leave the past in the past?

What would life be like for you?

Is this really a possibility or just wishful thinking?

I know many people wish they could remove the past thats causing their distress, anxiety, fears, phobias, PTSD and a whole host of other troubling disorders and allow them to move on and live a normal life, but the first thought that comes to their minds, is thats its impossible or that they will

need lots of long term painful therapy having to relive their experiences

and re-traumatising them all over again and again.

Wouldn't it be good if there were simple, fast and effective techniques to break the chains that bind you to the past?

Did you know that Neuroscience has made amazing breakthroughs?

Doctor Ronald Ruden a neuroscientist of many years has discovered the effects of how our memories make us who we are and how we cope with our experiences to date.

Each one of us is completely unique, with different upbringings experiences and exposures across our lives.

These experiences create what is know as the landscape of our brain, which is quite literally the electro-chemical state of our brain at any given time.

The landscape can be resilient or vulnerable and a vulnerable landscape is more susceptible to being traumatised.

I'm not going to go heavily into the neuroscience, you can click this link for more info Neuroscience

But in simple terms, when we have a traumatic experience this causes certain cells in the brain to get stuck on the side of the amygdala (thats where memories are stored) this is called an ampa receptor.

So now when we experience anything associated to that trauma, it could be the sounds, smells, colours the environment or even something that was said,

this will trigger that little ampa receptor and make you have a similar emotional or physical response all over again.

Dr Ruden used his skills to develope ground breaking psycho-sensory techniques that have the power to treat everything from work related stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, traumas, addictions, PTSD, depression, panic attacks troubling emotional memories and much more, these techniques literally change the neurochemistry of the brain, it’s simple, fast and very effective.

This is called Havening Techniques

Many Thanks to Dr's Ron Ruden and his brother Steve Ruden for their tireless dedication.

Better Living Through Neuroscience

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