When an event or experience is perceived as traumatic

or very stressful it becomes immutable encoded,

often with life-altering consequences.

However, recent research from the field of neuroscience

has shown us how it's possible to modify this encoding.

Dr Ron Ruden MD PhD (Developer)



Better Life Through Neuroscience

Havening is a groundbreaking psycho-sensory therapy that has the power to treat everything from work related stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, traumas, Addictions, PTSD, Depression,

Panic Attacks troubling emotional memories and much more,

It literally changes the neurochemistry of the brain,

it’s simple, fast and but most importantly, it's Permanent!

The founder of the Havening techniques is a neuroscientist call Dr Ronald Ruden, he studied the connection and effects between the Amygdala that’s the part of the brain where our memories are stored… and touch specifically on the face arms and hands.

Each of us is completely unique, with different upbringings experiences

and exposures across our lives.

This makes up what is known as the landscape of our brain,

that’s the electro-chemical state of our brain at any given time.


The landscape can be resilient or vulnerable and a

vulnerable landscape is more susceptible to being traumatised.  


When we have a traumatic experience this causes certain cells in the brain to get stuck on the side of the amygdala (where memories are stored) this is called an ampa receptor.

So now when we experience anything associated with that trauma, it could be the sounds, smells, colours the environment or even something that was said, this will trigger that little ampa receptor and make you have a similar emotional or physical response all over again.

Through Havening we can actually unglue that little ampa receptor that’s stuck and it will simply dissolve,


The trauma cannot affect you anymore it literally changes the neurochemistry of the brain, once we remove that little ampa receptor, it’s gone! Permanently!  

Havening is really life changing.


The Havening Techniques® is a method, which is designed to change the brain to de-traumatize the memory and remove its negative effects on both our psyche and body. As part of its protocol, The Havening Techniques uses the sensory input of human touch as a therapeutic tool which has been identified as Havening Touch®.


      Here are some of the conditions that respond to Havening Techniques ...

  • Trauma 

  • Phobias

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Panic Attacks

  • Chronic Pain

  • Distressing memories (Broken Relationships,Shocking News, Loss, Embarrassment, etc.)

  • Victims of natural disasters, (Hurricanes, Floods, etc)

      and man-made (War, Fire Assault, Home intrusion, Etc.) Events.

  • Anger

  • Fear of Abandonment

  • Grief / Bereavement

  • Emotional Eating / Cravings .... and more. 


If you, or a member of your family, have experienced a traumatic incident and would like to

discuss whether Havening can help you,

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Mario Zanon is a certified practitioner of Havening Techniques.

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